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Welcome to Community Day Preschool of Garden Grove, CA. We are a non-profit, full day preschool and daycare program for children ages 2-6. We provide a developmentally appropriate program based on the principles of Early Childhood Education. Services are offered on a sliding scale tuition to ensure that a high quality program is accessible to all families in our community with free breakfast, lunch and healthy snacks. While emphasis is on single parents and low income families, anyone in the community can enroll. Contact Community Day Preschool of Garden Grove today to place your student in our enriching program.  We have been on a California State Food Program since 1978. We serve breakfast,lunch and afternoon snack FREE of charge. We get a small reimbursement depending on the parents income. All Food Is Provided. Parents Do Not Bring Food.    Meals are Very nutritious and follow strict guidelines. We encourage fresh fruits and vegetables, 1% milk,100% juice, and very little sweets.

Garden Grove Preschool

Lunch Time.

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